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Atatürk was a leader who respected nature and human rights. He always emphasized the importance of these. The most sensitive and well-known story. about Atatürk's love and nature is the story of the Walking Mansion, which we all know.

IN-Ataturk organization always takes care to work to promote and support Ataturk's principals. 

Doing our part to keep Indiana beautiful! We participated in the Adopt-a-Highway program of INDOT.   


Fundraising for the Izmir Earthquake Relief Efforts 2020

Indiana American Turkish Association conveys its deepest condolences to those who lost their lives due to the devastating earthquake in Izmir, Turkey and we. best wish urgent healing to the injured. We launched am online aid to campaign to help the victims and families. 

We donated to Izmir Municipality through Turkish Philanthropy Funds (TPF) with NEF Foundation. We have helped 2 families with 5-month rent. 

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During the Covid-19 pandemic, IN-Ataturk board members and friends came together to sew masks. These masks were donated to The Village Foster Care, Adoption and Family Services & Tippecanoe County WIC (Women Infant and Children Program). 

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Fund raising effort for Southeastern Türkiye earthquake


Indiana American Turkish Association Together Universal Responsible Kind) conveys its deepest condolences to those who lost their lives due to the devastating earthquake in Southern Turkiye.


We wish urgent healing to the injured. As earthquake relief efforts shift to longer lasting rebuild phase, a new fundraising initiative called Project CATE (Child Amputees of Türkiye Earthquake) has been launched, and it aims to bring a second lease in life to those kids affected by the earthquake.


Medical Doctors on both ends of this humanitarian bridge (in the US and Türkiye) are working together to provide a long-lasting medical support system for these children. Turkish side of this initiative is known as Project ÇİM (Çocuk İyilik Merkezi – Children Goodness Center).


Project ÇİM will provide the medical services that these children need in Türkiye. Both Projects ÇİM and CATE are doctor-led initiatives that aim to provide prosthetics, physical therapy and long-term education to amputee children.


Hundreds of bags of items poured in from all over. Volunteers from Indiana American Turkish Community worked countless hours day and night sorting and repacking donations to be loaded on the trucks and sent to the Turkish Embassy in Chicago. 


The devotion and commitment of many in our community to helping others is extremely amazing, and their acts of generosity serve as an important reminder of the value of working as a community to support one another.

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